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Largest places in Mauritania

The largest cities and places in Mauritania at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Mauritania.

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Largest places in Mauritania
Nouakchott Nouakchott1.Nouakchott Nouakchott661,400
Nouadhibou Nouâdhibou2.Dakhlet Nouadhibou Dakhlet Nouadhibou72,337
Nema Néma3.Hodh ech Chargui Hodh ech Chargui60,000
Kaedi Kaédi4.Gorgol Gorgol55,374
Rosso Rosso5.Trarza Trarza48,922
Kiffa Kiffa6.Assaba Assaba40,281
Zouerate Zouerate7.Tiris Zemmour Tiris Zemmour38,000
Atar Atar8.Adrar Adrar24,021
Tekane Tékane9.Trarza Trarza22,041
Selibaby Sélibaby10.Guidimaka Guidimaka18,424
Aleg Aleg11.Brakna Brakna15,211
Aioun Aioun12.Hodh El Gharbi Hodh el Gharbi12,635
Akjoujt Akjoujt13.Inchiri Inchiri11,500
Tidjikja Tidjikja14.Tagant Tagant6,000
Chinguetti Chingueṭṭi15.Adrar Adrar4,711
'Elb el Jmel ’Elb el Jmel16.Brakna Brakna1,500
Barkewol Barkéwol17.Assaba Assaba1,100

1 - 17 of 17 places

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